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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Forty Is the New Thirty

That's what people are saying. Forty is the new thirty. Which means ten year olds in standard four theoretically still belong in the womb.

Anyway, this was a belated 40th birthday bash, and I think it was largely due to the cajolling of friends who insisted he cant get away without having a party.

Of course, I have to show case my work...the 2.5kg birthday cake. That, and a rum and raisin pie, were my contribution to the night's festivities. There was also a buffet dinner, catered by the very charming Mei Lai.

Red Planet in the background assumes the role of MC..... or diva..... oh, by the way, no prizes for guessing the theme of the night.

Despite this photograph, let me clarify that there were a lot of gorgeous ladies present as well. There was a "best dressed" contest for both the ladies and the guys. That chappie, 2nd from the left, was runner up for the male crown.

Now, despite the fact there were like 4 professional photographers, with their larger than life camera equipment, by the time the real party started, none of them were to be seen, so it's a good thing I had my trusty old ixus with me, or we'd have no memories of the later parts of the night.

I can't for my life remember what they were doing here, probably some choo choo train thingie. Anyway, it was a fascinating night, and a great party. Great to meet up with everyone again.


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