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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Cycles Of Life

The last update was 26 June. Gosh, time does fly.

If it were not for Digital Cameras, I probably would have NO recollection of the events of the last few weeks. Digital images stored in a pc acts as a default journal, for a picture paints a thousand words.

Highlights would be the visits of WOMAN I AM SCARED OF, together with NESTLE NICK at the same time, sometime towards the end of July. I had just met these people, who live in Melbourne and Kobe respectively, recently, so it was somewhat of a bonus to meet them again so soon.

Drinks at Labodega, BSC, where our favourite Bar Manager from Labodega Lounge, Khairul, has been transferred. Also met up with that Mad Air Traffic Controller, who no longer drinks, citing health reasons, and a shrivelled liver.....

A recent discovery, on one Friday night, when we played truant from Bible Study, was a new bar along Asian Heritage Row, called Sunshine. Live band playing music from OUR time. Abba, Rick Astley, etc that we could really relate to. Also dispelled the myth that Single Malt Whisky does not give a hangover.

A number of people have moved house, including Evil Twin, Godma, and Zand. We were invited to the latter's house, to celebrate the birthdays of Sultana Prunella, and K03. A game of Balderdash followed suit, which was great fun.

In the cycles of life, weddings inevitable form an integral part. Evil Twin's brother tied the knot. It's heart warming when those younger than you tie the knot, and you think you've seen them grow from adolescent, or youth, into fine young men and women, and who are taking the plunge.

There were the fair share of births as well, congratulations to Hotshot CIMB banker, aka King Of England, and his sweet wife, on the birth of their baby daughter. Also to Godpa on the arrival of his new Godson, courtesy of Choongsie and Mrs Choongsie. (and by extention, congrats to them as well). Himbo, serving God in China, also just became a dad, and the baby is still in our prayers due to some complications at birth.

And in the circle of life, there is also death.....


Blogger Tunku Halim said...

Sounds like good fun! I have friends at CIMB too and I like Labodega.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cycles, circadian or otherwise.. they truly come and go. But blogs like this truly immortalise memories worth keeping. Truly & thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and the updates.

2:30 PM  

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