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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

She Leaves For Boston

Remember the Hen Night that we attended a few months ago, with the Brokeback Mountain theme? Well, time has flown, and that "hen" has since roosted with her rooster, and since she's Malaysian, and he's American, she is uprooting from her tanah pusaka, journeying across distant seas to be by the side of her new husband.

After several foiled attempts at a farewell, a few of us finally got together, thanks to the impeccable planning skills of Red Planet (it's quite disturbing that most of my limited edition entries revolve around this particular social group) we got together for a quiet night of mainly non alcoholic drinks, at CLEAR. When we first arrived, the only drinks on the table were mineral water. Had to quickly rectify that dry situation with a beer. More people trickled in as time went by. The celebrant had a house red which she swore had turned into vinegar, (and actually, I had a taste and thought it quite suspect as well, and I am no connoiseur, and usually knock down anything without much complaints), but the waitress very authoritatively avered that that was how that particular wine is supposed to taste. A bit sweet, sourish....Hmmm, very suspect indeed.

Anyway, if you are reading, or ever read this, here's wishing you all the very best in your future life together as wife and man, and do keep in touch. The good thing is, in this day and age, the physical distances don't seem so big anymore.


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