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Monday, October 30, 2006

Happening 40 Year Olds

Stands to reason that since I am in that age bracket, I should have a 40th birthday to attend every week, almost. The recent celebrant to hit the big four was none other than our dear Khaw Si Lai, whom we've seen evolve from a happening party animal, popping tequilas, telling dirty jokes, some 15 years ago, to now, a 40 year old happening party animal, popping tequilas, telling dirty jokes...well, at least they tried to relive the tequila pops at the party, albeit all of one round.
The ladies trying to recall how to do a tequila pop

Venue, BOND, in Avenue K. Well, whoever wants to check it out better do so quickly, coz if Friday night was anything to go by, then its days are sadly numbered. However, it suited OUR purpose fine, as we could hear each other talk, and it was smoke free, and we had the place almost to ourselves. The crowd comprised of us, her old friends, the mandatory tai tai's PILATES crowd, and some other old friends. She and suave hubby, soon to be restaurateur, polished the dance floor with the remnants of the moves from their ballroom dancing days. Trying to snap a decent dance photo is like a filming a natural geographic documentary waiting for some rare almost extinct species to mate.

Anyway, it was a fun night, regardless of the fact that the venue was a tad quiet. Afterall, with the company of goof friends, some alcohol, you could be on a desert island, and still have fun!!!

Happy 40th KSL!!!!


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