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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another One Hits the Big FOUR

Well, it stands to reason that I should a lot of friends hitting the big four this year, as I myself will be doing. I hear that the day you hit forty, you need reading glasses. In survey forms, 40 is in a category of its own. Usually its 20 and below, 20-25, 25-30, 30-35,35-40, and 40 and above. So we slip into this cosmic age ocean where there are no longer anymore distinctions, be it 40 or 100....

Last night we celebrated old school mate's birthday. SYY together with LYMC own a chain of successful restaurants in town, but opted to host the birthday dinner at neutral grounds, mainly so we could attack a hapless piglet, I suspect. Made a new acquaintance of fellow flogger, who was amongst 6 of the very honored guest. Actually, 4, cos 2 comprised birthday girl and husband. SYY, LYMC, DK (no NY) and I all went to secondary school together, and I was rather chuffed that I had the honor of being invited.

Dinner was at Neroteca, apparently the non-halal sibling of Nerovivo, further down the road. It's a rather nice set up, located in the Somerset Service Apartments. As Paprika says, the picture of the main meal is not for the squeamish and die hard animal lovers. Even me, who's motto regarding animals used to be, "I only like them on plates", felt a twinge of guilt, but was placated when LYMC told me, oh, don't worry, it's made of marzipan.

The meat was juicy and tender, and accompanied by roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables with a lovely grilled smoked cheese, but the skin wasn't crispy enough, so later on we sent it back for crispyfication. As usual, I seem to be the main consumer of bubbly. My culinary contribution to the affair was the Lemon Meringue Pie, which I didn't know earlier on was also meant to be the birthday cake. Superstitious chinese would probably find a lemon dessert taboo for a birthday, but I decided that I am going to promote it the following way:


The crust represents the firm foundation you have established after 40 years.
The ZEST in the lemon curd is the Zest that we have for Life.
The mildly sour curd layered with the sweet meringue is representative of reality, we all have our sweet and sour moments in this life.
The rising meringue shows the risen and established career. The whiteness shows the purity of heart. And the golden brown glaze an overall wealth of life.

TAH DAH, thank you thank you.....

Anyway thank you LYMC for a lovely dinner, and YWC, nice meeting you, and of course, dear SYY, happy happy 40th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm speechless at your 'rendition'..... so when are you coming over down under to bake my cake?

12:16 PM  
Blogger fatboybakes said...

who's that? mrs Tiger?
speechless in a good way or in a bad way?
if you are who i think you are, aiyo, you are the seefoo lah, howww can i bake for you. you the master, i the humble acolyte.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no i am not mrs tiger. i am mrs nobody. speechless in a speechless way.

6:46 PM  

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