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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Out Partying On Monday Night

I got an sms on Monday night asking me to join some friends at Zeta Bar, KL Hilton. Truth be told, I am morphing into a couch potato, especially on Monday nights, coz usually after bringing the kids for our routine jalan jalan in the mall, and after body pump, I'm pooped, and want to watch Seinfeld.

But when the next sms came, saying, "do come, it's my birthday", well, that about closes the door on any plausible excuse, and really, I didn't have any, apart from the fact that I was waiting for a cake to bake in the oven. Literally. Not an euphemism for pregnancy. Anyway, Zeta Bar is quite quiet on a Monday night, so it appears. Wife actually commented that it was nice and relaxing. Was a very pleasant evening, talking about wedding plans, etc.....
R of ELR group had a bottle of vodka leftover from Young Lawyer's Wedding, so drinks were kinda on the house....thanks Mr R.

So now, I was looking to couch potato on Tuesday instead, but get YET another sms from gym friend whom I havent caught up with in a while. He said to join him for drinks at the newly opened Jarrod & Rawlins outlet, a nicely renovated bungalow in Lrg Dungun. It's a pretty cool concept, a deli and wine shop, where you can order stuff and eat there, and drink there. The range of delicatessen is quite interesting, although I didn't eat this time. Well, it's non halal, and one of their claim to fame is real bacon and eggs breakfasts.

Had a fascinating conversation with the people present. One of them sells this contraption for the total well being and health, using aqua therapy. The other was an Indonesian (Chinese) who's lived in San Francisco for a long time, and is now living in Singapore. Had a good time. Nice place to chill out.....


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