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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

As 2006 Comes To An End....

I always feel a bit melancholic towards the year end. The phenomenally quick passage of time does make one reflect..... but since I've become shallower compared when I was a impulsive youth of yesterday, let's not wallow in what we have failed to achieve, but rather reflect on the blessings of the year.

On top of the list, for Highlights of 2006, is the birth of my darrrrrling baby girl, who is now almost 8 months, and is absolutely adorable. Children are really a blessing from the Almighty, and my sweet baby is the best 40th birthday present I could ever hope for.

At birth, and recently

Kid no 3, ie boy no 2, started kindergarten this year as well. Of course, as usual, the first week was trying, with the tantrums and the "I dowan to go to school" kinda thing. Separation anxiety, etc. Wife stood by the class to watch, and the kindy teacher, who has seen the previous 2 kids through the school, said, "I can't believe you're still worried after 2 kids".

Next, is that it has been a much better year than 2005 as far as business was concerned. Also, unwittingly I stumbled across a money generating hobby, ie baking. December was a bumper month, in as far as oven activities are concerned. I thank all the blog readers out there, especially on the fatboyrecipes blog, for all their support and encouragement.

Also, 2006 brought many new friends. Some from the gym, some from socializing, some from the blog. Notable newbies for the year are....drum roll, Mr & Mrs Lionheart, FDI, (Favourite Diva Instructor), Blogger from Living In Food Heaven, and that famous food blogger, Boolicious, the lovely Hajjah lady who runs the restaurant Dilinea in Gita Bayu.....and a few others who don't read this blog, so no point mentioning them.

All the new (and old) gym friends are in this picture.

Friends opened a new restaurant,

which arguably is my favourite restaurant. Opened in time for me to host my 40th birthday bash, which if I may say so myself, by all accounts, was a great party, thanks largely to the wonderful and accommodating venue and restaurant owners.

Then there were the wedddings. We had the one that I made the wedding cake for, dear dear friends, who've moved to Hong Kong, but had their wedding here. Then there was that couple that lives here, but had their wedding in Hong Kong. Young Lawyer and Young Bride also tied the knot, very disappointing that he was sloshed to the ground. Another tied the knot after a fascinating hen/stag night, and left for America. The surprise nuptial was Miss D, who's akad nikah I had to miss!!! Drat!!!

Live in KL, wedding in HK

Cowboy Hen/Stag Night in preparation for life in America

This couple, (they dowan pic on blog), moved to Hong Kong after they ate my cake

One of the youngest people I know to tie the knot

And of course, a it stands to reason when you turn forty, a lot of your peers do too.

KTT turns 40

Hmm, trying to relive our youth at this party

Good friends left our shores, some were back on holiday, some used to work here and have left for good. The kids still ask about our New American Hero, the only guy strong enough to lift the kids on their shoulders.

Beam me up, Uncle Scott

Don't know if this qualifies as a highlight, but FCI did Body Jam. (if I didn't at least mention him, I'd hear no end of it)....



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