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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Still On the Guest List

I still recall my first invite to one of these legendary birthday parties, hosted by Red Planet. Very intimidating. All the glamorous looking people, the air kisses, the modern day equivalent of an English Tea Party in Queen Victoria's garden, minus the weather and scones. Long Island Tea probably flowed like waters old faithful, and I'm sure I had to down many to calm my intimdated nerves.

Fast forward, 7 years down the line, or so, and many themes later, from Oriental, to Black, to Black and Gold, Stripes, Pink, and no prizes for figuring out the latest.....

Anyway if it weren't for Red Planet, I really wouldn't have the chance to patronise any of the happening hotspots in town. The venue this time was TWENTY ONE, along the Bohemian neighbourhood known as Changkat Raja Chulan. And boy, the place was PACKED. A sign of age is when crowds, smoky rooms, loud music and breathing space that makes a space shuttle feel like a football stadium.

Well, after 7 years, it's nice to see that some people can still maintain their youthful rigour and party till the cows come home.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time this blog got updated as well. It is truly a 'limited' edn.

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