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Monday, July 03, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

It's that time of the year, the christmas decorations equivalent for weddings, everywhere you turn, it's there... weddings weddings weddings. As the groom put it, it's one of those events where you actually pay for your own dinner....

Anyway, this time, it was the wedding of our former youth pastor. The event was held at the Holiday Villa. He had originally asked me, about a year ago, to emcee the event, but seeing as to what a shy and low profile person I am, I had to politely decline the honor. (also, I have emceed about 25 weddings, and have completely run out of material). Next, he asked me to be wedding coordinator. In retrospect, if I had accepted, I'd probably be in a box by now; what with having to contend with making a wedding cake for last weekend's wedding AND becoming wedding coordinator for this one. Cannot, cannot. So, I had to politely decline that request as well, as was beginning to feel like a lousy friend. I repeatedly asked him if there was any OTHER role I could play in his wedding, and for the longest time, the answer was no, thanks. I couldn't help feeling that he might have a bit slighted at my earlier two refusals. Nevertheless, about a fortnight ago, he calls to ask if I can help out at the reception, ie, registering guests and collecting ang pows etc. Of course, this time I said yes.

It was a mammoth wedding by any standard. The expected guest numbers for the church reception, which was at a different ballroom, was about 400 plus, and 800 plus at the dinner. We were to greet guests by saying, "[Groom] and [Bride] appreciate your presence here today". I couldn't resist adding "would you like fries with that" for people I knew.

As we (the ushering and reception team) had to sit outside most of the time, I missed most of the vows, and sermon. Managed to catch a glimpse here and there, but what was really touching was the groom's thank you speech to his mother. His mother is really quite something, raising him single handedly.

Waiting to enter the ballroom

Couple cutting the fake cake

Because the church reception was at the same hotel, most of the guests were already there, so dinner started unusually early, for a chinese wedding. But with 80 odd tables, we figured, if the couple spent a minute on each table, that alone would be almost 1½ hours. Dinner ended at 10.15, leaving me enough time to go for my phase 2, a housewarming party in Izen Kiara.

To my horror, they were watching football, the Portugal vs England game.

After the match, Mr Red Planet said he had prepared a Ms Universe game....we were to pretend we were finalists and answer very difficult questions. As I had one too many Canadian Club with soda, I really can't recall my questions.

Pictured below is the Ms Portugal, who was runner up....

Ended going to bed at 4am. Thank goodness, that was the last of the happening weekends for now...


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