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Monday, October 17, 2011

Eulogy For Elizabeth Mah Suet Fun


When one thinks of Elizabeth, one thinks of life, because Liz embraced it to the fullest. From the first time I knew her, the thing that struck me most about her was her effusive bubbliness, her enthusiasm, and her high pitched shrill exclamations. About 15 or 16 years ago, Liz had joined our church’s College & Career Fellowship, CCF for short. She developed such an earnest hunger to learn about the Bible, and Christianity, and she was always so eager to learn, and she truly lived out her faith, and rejoiced in all circumstances.

She had boundless energy, and was always planning exciting outings, such as trips to waterfalls, treks, hangkai at Petaling Street. And she always organized it with such gusto, that one simply did not want to miss a Liz outing. She plans each activity with such detail, a choc ful itinerary, so much so, I have to admit, I often wondered why she tried to pack so much activity into such a short time. She was always chirpy, which admittedly wasn’t always easy to stomach, for grumpy people like me.

She was a devoted wife, and an even more devoted mother. Her two boys, Nicholas and Ethan, are truly blessed to have had such a mother, and we her friends will make sure they never forget what a wonderful woman she was.

As a close personal friend, who has known them since before their courtship, and marriage, I was privileged to have a lot of inside information into both their lives. In the speech for their wedding, I had said this of this.

But actually, who was the real mastermind behind this love story? It was Liz. Why? Because unbeknownst to Henry, she too had set her sights on this man, but being the nice old fashioned girl that she was, far be it for her to throw herself all over the man. She played cool, but not too cool, she played coy, but not too coy, and she charmed him with her typical manja Elizabeth Mah ways. She also used the same spies that Henry was using, to lull him into the sense of security, and in reality, it was she who baited him. She was quite smitten by him, and would ask his close friends, “so how how how, he likes me or not” (in high pitch voice) Anyway, when I asked liz what was it he found most attractive about Henry, she said it was his brains and wit. (cough cough). Maybe I misheard. Maybe it was “grains and zits”. She says, “he has the knack of turning everything around him into a real life comic strip!”

In her fight against the devastating cancer, she remained optimistic and cheerful right up to the end. Always with a ready smile for her friends who came to visit, even when she was bedridden and had to breathe with the aid of the oxygen machine.

I quote what one of our friends Maureen said during the memorial service. Liz is not a jewel. She is a treasure chest. Indeed, our Liz was a treasure chest, with a jewel to give to everyone who crossed paths with her. Our lives have been so much enrichened by knowing her.

She will be missed dearly. Another friend of ours, Tony, wept that he was too busy in her last days to go visit her. I told him not to feel regrets. Treat it like she has taken an earlier flight, and you forgot to say goodbye, but it’s okay because we are also headed for the same destination, so really, it is not goodbye. We comfort ourselves with these thoughts.

For Henry (you've lost your Appie,( short for appendage)), Nicholas & Ethan, Aunty Jasmine & Liz sister Angeline, we pray for strength and God’s comfort to guide you through these difficult days ahead. We hope we can help in whatever way.

Goodbye for now, dear Elizabeth Mah.



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