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Friday, July 14, 2006

Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle Of Rum

I actually baffle myself that I liked this movie, as I also did with the prequel, Curse of the Black Pearl. For the latter, I had watched it on DVD, with zero expectation, and was delighted especially by Johnny Dep's Jack Sparrow. Other half obviously wasn't that enthralled by it, nodding off to sleep at certain parts.

The new online pre-paid ticketing system is really a godsent as far as buying tickets is concerned. I am amazed that not more people use it, considering the fact that the youth of today must probably have a credit card, as banks virtually shove it down their throats the minute they're weaned from formula milk. The ticketing queues are still amazingly long. One of my pet peeves is waiting in a queue. I get impatient waiting at the express queue in the supermarket. Wild horses and naked women prancing couldn't drag me to the movies if I had to queue for tickets.

I am not sure how Disney thinks that these movies are suitable for kids. Then again, kids these days seem sooo desensitized to violence and gore. Even Superman I found a tad violent. Storyline wise, it was an interesting premise, but the ending sucked big time. Better not inadvertently give away the plot, but suffice to say, there'll DEFINITELY be a Pirates 3. As usual, stellar performance by Johnny Depp. Not sure if I like Orlando Bloom. Keira Knightley's okay. Jonathan Pryce, I am amazed at his ability to switch between playing a villain, and a good guy. He actually has quite a kindly face, but yet, capable of being sinister. Of course, he was the original "Engineer" in Ms Saigon, the musical.

Was commenting that in a space of four days, we've watched Orlando and his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth (lois lane) in two separate movies.

Actually, there has been quite a lot happening, even socially, but trying to keep the limited .


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