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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still Happening Oldies

I think I've been going to this girl's birthday almost every year since 1998, probably the only exception being the time that they were in Cambridge. In my mind, she's still in her twenties, although she has long since crossed the Big THREE threshold. Time flies.

Anyway, last night, after family dinner, I was about to start playing with my new digital imaging software, when the familiar dit dit of an sms caught my attention. It read, "Oi, are you coming?" It was then, I realised that to my horror, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the birthday drinks get together. Not only did I forget entirely, I also couldn't for the life of me remember where the venue was!!!! Instead of diplomatically masking my amnesia, I rather foolishly, in my brutally honest way, replied, "AIKS!!! I COMPLETELY FORGOT!!!! WHERE'S THE VENUE?".....

Of course, took a while an and earful before the birthday girl finally forgave me, bless her, the dear sweet young thing. It was nice to see everyone again....this particular crowd shows that one can be parents, in the late 30s, or early 40s, or heck, even late 50s, and STILL be happening. If one considers hanging out in Labodega Lounge sipping orange juice as happening that is. But give me these nice quiet places anytime, compared with places with loud blasting music. Already get enough of that in the Les Mills classes in the gym.

Birthday girl had a flaming lamborghini. I am still a Flaming Lamborghini virgin...I don't recall ever having sampled one of those vile any case, I seem to have developed a dairy alcohol intolerance. Give me dairy mixed with alcohol, and inevitably, it will be followed by wretching and puking. So wines with dessert that contain dairy are no no...

I also don't understand why in photographs, the pictures of the flame always disappear. Maybe its the flash. But I have yet to be able to capture a picture of the streaming flame that flows through the glass of sambuca to the chalice below.

Anyway, dear girl, Many Happy returns, and God bless you always. Thanks for a lovely night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

woa.. things have changed around here (ok, I haven't been able to access blogspot for a while, thanks to certain blocks, but I finally have broadband at home, so whoop-dee-doo!). Anyway, flash kills pictures of flames, so [and I know this will be a difficult task when you're half intoxicated] use a slow shutter (like night mode) without flash. Works like a charm, I find. Provided you can keep your camera steady enough. Just wondering... do you actually bring it everywhere you go? -your cuz, PA.

1:34 PM  

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