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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Habeas Corpus

When a friend acts in a play, I guess it is only good friendliness-ship to attend the play in support. So, since my ex favourite combat instructor was playing a role in the above mentioned play, albeit a cameo role, I thought I really should check it out. Now, getting people to accompany me to watch local theatre, after the last horrendous outing that was Pygmalion, is a feat almost equal to getting me to go for RPM in the gym. Anyway, short of grovelling and begging, I finally managed to coerce two old friends, evil twin, and joshua's dad, to come along. Another friend, who would have made up the male Sex and the City Foursome, gave a wuss of an excuse saying he has to file his taxes. Of all the feeble, lame, jelly like excuses!!!

After the trauma of the last locally adapted british script, we went with little expectations, although I had an inkling that this would be far more entertaining. Us boys wolfed down our cheap-ish set dinners in Hatsuhana, (actually, the sukiyaki set at RM20 only gives u two slices of meat), and mozied over to the actors studio.

The show was rather entertaining. Evil twin erupted into guffaws that I swore the whole theatre must have heard. A particular scene involving fake boobs and the president of the british medical association was hilarious, and my all time favourite line was when the female lead said, "All those nights while my body was wasted waiting in the I know how the Taj Mahal felt" (or something to that effect), and the famous quote "He whose lust lasts, lasts longest". It really did have it moments. My own laughter was probably fuelled at least 50% by evil twin's guffaws.

Oh, and the friend who was acting....had a hanging scene, which reminded me how one thespian supposedly died while playing the role of Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar. Anyway, I hadn't counted on seeing my friend in his briefs....he was suitably comical in his role.

My only err, grouse, would be about the role of the maid, mrs swabbs, who was supposed to have a cockney accent, but occasionally slipped into proper british, and a whole mishmash of accents that made her quite hard to comprehend, which is a pity, because she was the defacto narrator of the play, and I must have lost out at least 50% of what she was saying.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rose's 21st Birthday

When girls, just wanna have fun.....

Fatboy being molested

Seven Ate Nine. Clever name for restaurant, that was the venue for Rose's 21st birthday. (Wouldn't take a genius to figure out which one is the birthday girl) What used to be Nine on Ascot is now 7 ate 9. Apparently owned by the people who own SOULED OUT.

As with all Malaysian functions, arrival of guests spanned a one and a half hour period. Okay, some had valid excuses, like just hopping off a private jet, or entertaining some folk from Cambridge. Excuse me, Cambridge, from England, no less. (in pompous english accent). Not Cambridge spectacle shop in Sungai Wang plaza.

The theme of the party was hawaiian floral for the guys, and white for the girls. That'll explain the shirt on me that is VERY uncharacteristic.

It's always nice to party on a Friday night, even (or maybe especially) if it means having to skip bible study. Very liberating to have a glass of wine in hand to unwind from the week's events, and all the more so when celebrating the birthday of good friends. Francis and Rose played the gracious hosts, where wine flowed copiously, and later on, champagne. It was one of those occasions when you KICK yourself for having driven. Food was rather palatable. The mains were tasty enough, probably embellished by the fact that we were ravenous. The mains was a choice between cod on a bed of soba noodles, or rack of lamb with rice. (which Mrs Miranda said, oh, Indian food ah?) The salad was one of those hit or miss things. Very strong cheesy dressing, and the saltiness of anchovies that would elevate your diastolic and sistolic readings by 20 points immediately. But I liked it. The cod was excellent. Not being a cod person, it was actually a lucky call, as I had relied entirely on the waiter's recommendation. While the cod was great, the soba was like very mediocre. Overcooked, and sticky.

The party went on till nearly 1am. Not bad for this particular demographic group. Thanks Francis and Rose for a lovely party.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Rob's 40th Birthday

When you tell your guests that pre dinner drinks is at 7.30, and dinner is at 8.00pm, something automatically re-programs their brains to tell them that pre dinner drinks is at 8.00pm, and dinner is at 9.00pm. Such is the Malaysian brain.

2nd 40th birthday in a long line of many hitting the big four this year. KSL very graciously organised the event for her darling husband, with a guest list comprising, rightfully so, of close friends.

Pre dinner drinks at the bar was enough to give me a buzz. By the time we adjourned to the dinner venue, I could have sashayed in like a prima donna. Anyway, the people at the venue comprised mainly people in the 70s or above. So we were the youth of today. The thing is, we could actually identify with most of the music. All of us save one young lass on our table, who recently married one of our peers.

The escargots look rather appealing actually.

Now, this Rib Eye steak was really succulent, and the mustard was superb. The accompanying vegetables COULD have been better.

Deep fried oysters. Very tasty actually.

Fresh oysters for the birthday boy. Obviously he was going to get some action, no doubt part o the 40th birthday package.

Well, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words, so thanks again, Mr and Mrs KSL, for a lovely time. Good company of old friends and good food, good wine, what more can a person ask for.