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Monday, September 25, 2006

Eat, Gym, Eat

What a grossly unhealthy weekend. Eating and more eating.

Had to skip bible study coz there was a rare invite from old friend, non practising doctor cum funiture magnate, to the matrimonial house, and also to get acquainted with her new husband. (as in, they got married recently).

Twas a lovely gathering, old friends, good food, laughter over the dinner table, all very civilised. Godma, Oldest Friend and Sweetie, Mr Acid Tongue Lawyer, wifey and the hosts, over a dinner of carrot & leek soup, roasted lamb with rosemary, salad, and my contribution of flourless chocolate cakes for dessert. Lovely home.

On Saturday night, it was my turn to reciprocate Lion Heart's and yhsmom's previous dinners, and since it is the week before the next FF launch, managed to get a number of GXIs as well. Alas, FCI and Richelle couldn't make it. The former coz he had a wedding in penang, and the latter coz she had other plans. Despite the fact that there was a dearth of female instructors, it was still an enjoyable affair. The notable new face was ex FCI, who up till now, had always been very difficult to invite.

Dinner comprised Roast Chicken Fajitas, with Guacamole, Sour Cream, Mango & Tomato Salsa, (ARGHHH, I knew I forgot something!!! Sauteed Onions!!!), Tuna & Mushroom Tartlets, (which was the least popular), Edamame beans, Cheese Platter, Mains of Roast Boneless Leg of Lamb with Honey Mustard Glaze, Zuchinni Mushroom Pie, Salad with Quails Eggs and Pine Nuts, and Roast Duck Pasta. Dessert was Tiramisu, embellished by the FRANGELICO that Leon Lai brought, (absolutely divine, that Frangelico stuff), Lemon Tart, which FSI recoiled in horror upon the first taste, coz it was too sour, and some flourless chocolate cakes that were leftover from the night before.

Leon was in his elements, and provided much of the Diva type entertainment, while Lionheart regaled us with tales of the gym. We toasted Boy Wonder, (robin), who had just turned 20!!! Sheesh!!! Shades and gf were the first to leave, as Shades' gf had to sing early in church. Leon and exFCI stayed on till quite late, as Leon kept breaking into broadway mode.

Me with No 1 in Tianjin, and GF. (same name as gorgeous woman)

And Lionheart brought the most divine dessert wine!!! Tokai? Absolutely orgasmic. Not to mention the bottle of Cloudy Bay, which still remains unopened. Anyway, it was a great night, if I may say so myself.

Sunday night, we celebrated Kung See Lai's birthday, age undisclosed. Dinner at Deutschehaus, where we literally pigged out. Aiyooo, so much meat. Shudder. Age shows when dinner conversation revolves around cholestrol, hepapitis etc etc... But it was still an enjoyable affair, and we adjourned to their house to cut the cake and drink more wine.

Was entrusted with the cake, and she had requested a lemon cheese cake, which was my first attempt. I guess since it was a "free cake", people could be honest, and the reviews went quite well.

Birthday girl seemed thrilled with her presents, a handbag and TWO donna hay books.

What an exhausting weekend. I need a weekday to recover.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Celebrating his Birthday For the 5th Time...

In 2002, the venue was Chill, the theme was oriental. In 2003, the venue was Chill, and the theme, BLACK. Twas quite funny, coz when they sang the birthday song, there was a gong going CHIANG, every time we finished, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....wearing black and all, one wondered if it was a Chinese Funeral....

In 2004, it was Bar Savanh, theme...hmmm, I forget. 2005 was stripes, in The Ivy. From the photo archive, the 2004 party didn't seem to have a distinct theme, either that, or the guest didn't cooperate, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it was black and white. Like zebras.

This year, the theme was PINK. Pretty in Pink or what. Venue? Bar Savanh. As usual, everyone seemed dressed to the nines, you'd think that Tatler would be featuring the event. The usual array of drinks lined the table, as the 80s music was belted out.....and this time we were really showing our age. King of the Chinese kept exclaiming how good the music was, and when they played boney M's By the Rivers of Babylon, I was reminded of my school bus days in form 1 & 2, when they used to play Boney M. Nevertheless, I reckon the 80s music is classic dance music, and with adequate amounts of plonk in the system, it WOULD be the music to which you might catch my gyrating to.
Gliterrati of KL

The Birthday cake, which I was commissioned to make. It comprised 34 pieces of flourless chocolate cake with brandy chocolate sauce
.Dancing to 80s music

Oh, did I mention it was Red Planet's Birthday I was talking about? The annual event of the year when I can look forward to a hangover with certainty. However this year, the hangover was a 6 out of 10, 10 being that year 2003, when Mr Reliable bundled me into a cab and I was still sick the next day at dinnertime.

I vaguely remember leaving at 3.30 am in the morning, and I believe it's the first time I've actually left at the same time as the birthday boy. What a great night. You do host the best birthday parties, Red Planet. (of course, cannot count Bordeaux in the comparison list).

Spent most of Saturday morning in a daze, as I attended nephew's birthday lunch. Body combat in the evening helped detox somewhat, which was followed by some intensive baking, which was then followed by gambling. Oh my goodness, it DOES sound like I lead a pagan, hedonistic lifestyle!!! It was wholesome gambling, much like harmless mahjong amongst old folk.

Sunday church as usual, followed by preparations for baby boy's 4th birthday party. What an exhausting weekend!!!