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Monday, February 12, 2007

Something In the Air Called Weddings

Last weekend alone, I had 3 wedding invites, 2 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday. I had already booked the airasia goholiday package for the one on Saturday, in Kuching. Little did I know then, that our dear Miss Dee would also decide to get hitched, and have her wedding reception on that night of all the 365 days of the year, and 52 saturdays.

Anyway, I was quite glad for the chance to visit Kuching. I grew up there for a year or so, when I was 2 years old, so don't really have much memory, if fact, non at all, for it. The food aspect has been blogged about here. The city itself is really quaint, lots of old colonial building, very clean, a lovely riverside walk, interesting water taxis that ferry people to and fro across the Kuching River, for a mere 30 sen each way. Of course, things could be better sign posted. One of the attractions, Fort Margherita, is so badly signposted, its main entrance is closed, as is the fort, but one can access it via the police grounds, which have a large sign saying NO TRESPASSING, etc....which would have turned away any faint hearted tourist. India Street and Chinese street sell a wide array of food stuff, near the wet market, whilst The Main Bazaar focuses mainly on handicraft.

A visit to the Sarawak Cultural village, 45 minutes from Kuching town, near Damai Beach, is a worthwhile trip to make. The cultural show showcases the dances from the various tribes, such as the Melanau, Bidayuh, Ibans, Orang Ulu and Malays. The Iban fellow was able to lift a 20kg mortar with his teeth. Someone remarked it would be a good toothpaste ad. Was quite impressed with the accuracy of the blowpipe.

The various designs of longhouses, life size, were pretty interesting as well. The village offers homestay rooms, but obviously everything is orchestrated, for the Penan fler that I took a picture with wasn't even a real Penan.

The wedding reception of friend with american wife (both working in China) was held coincidentally at the same hotel, so that was convenient.

On Sunday night, yet another wedding of a friend from church. It's always nice to be at a wedding table where you know everyone, and can really be yourself, as was the case at last night's banquet. The food at the Eastin was surprisingly, not bad. But the company was sterling, and I had a gala time from the moment I walked into the hotel from the carpark.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Long Overdue Post

Actually, I've been meaning to post this for the longest time, but always somehow forgot. It was how my best friend celebrated my 40th birthday with me, wife and godma, or rather, how much thought and effort went into the buying of the presents.

I did blog about the sumptuous feast at Cilantro, which was hosted by him as well. Anyway, to start with, there was a dazzling array of presents, which had to be opened in order.

Firstly, there was a note which I had written, on my wedding, thanking him for being such a good friend, for flying back all the way from Melbourne for the wedding, (actually, he flies back for lesser events than that, such as tea parties etc, so it really wasn't THAT great a deal, for him to fly back for a wedding), and spending so much time, but overall, being such a great friend. With that note, was a thank you gift of a flight to Bali..... which I still haven't honored till today. It's a good thing I've been in debt so long, coz these days, with proper planning on air asia, a ticket to Bali can cost less than RM100.

Now, this is a rather normal card, but for the print on the back page. Bob's Your Uncle. We have a mutual friend called Bob, (Bob of Bangkok), apparently it was partially in tribute to Bob.

The first presents were to remind us of youth, ie, a yoyo (???).

This is one of the most cute presents I've ever got. He knows, from numerous holidays together, that I must wash my feet every night, religiously, or I cannot sleep. This is supposedly a Peruvian, Mayan/Incan foot scrubber, made from terra cotta. It actually gives a lovely tingly feeling while scrubbing the feet.

A set of cookie cutters for Fatboybakes.

A pair of silver cufflinks, with my initials engraved. Apparently from a famous Peruvian silversmith who makes for the Jordanian Royal Family.

A bottle of vintage Virgin Hills wine, 1995.

A set of vouchers for 11 massage sessions at PB Blind MASAT centre in Brickfields.

A gourmet cookbook.

A bag of macadamia nuts.

A picture frame with various pictures of us on holiday, etc...

And of course, the lovely dinner at Cilantro.

Meanwhile, an update on my darling baby daughter. Here's what she looks like these days:

Not crawling very much, in fact, not at all, and she's already 10 months. Like her sister, I guess. Jie Jie hardly crawled, but started walking much earlier than the boys. (at 11½ months). She's soooooo adorable, and is absolutely stuck to her mommy.